Individual Direction

  • 1 hour session; weekly, bi-monthly or monthly
  • Session content examples:
    • Guidance for growth in your image of God
    • Exploring and practicing various methods of prayer
    • Support in finding God in your every day life
    • Assistance in discerning God’s will
    • Help with healing work and dream work
    • Companionship on your spiritual journey
    • Help in developing the practice of relevant spiritual disciplines
    • Discussions related to specific readings relating to spiritual direction

Sessions are conversational and take the form of sharing about relationships, family, choices, loss, goals, illness, work or other areas of both struggle and accomplishment.

The spiritual director’s task is to help the directee notice God’s action in these areas and how you are responding to these divine initiatives.

A fee schedule is available upon request.


Group Direction

  • 2 to 3 hour session; one-time, bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly
  • Minimum 10 attendees per group type
  • Purpose: to help church leaders or members begin to notice through listening and asking questions how God is working in theirs and others every day life.
  • Benefits: intentionality in spiritual growth, growing awareness of ways that God speaks and works in ours and others lives, increased prayer for one another, and a foundation for a closer church community.
  • Group Examples:
    • Group Discernment to address a specific need; one time or ongoing facilitation
    • Basic Enneagram personality training
    • Spiritual Formation Introduction
    • Prayer methods exploration and practice
    • Creative Expressions (utilizing art as a form of prayer and discernment)
    • Listen to My Life, Life Maps group

Detailed information about various groups available on request as well as a fee schedule.

Contact me for more information or to book a session and begin your journey today!